Favelets For The Validator

Favelets are small snippets of JavaScript embedded in a Bookmark URL that allow Bookmarks in browsers to do various advanced things. Popular Favelets include variants that prompt the user for a phrase and search the web for that phrase, or that finds older versions of the currently viewed page in the WayBack Machine. More Favelets can be found from <http://favelets.com/>.

Favelets depend on support for javascript: URLs in your browser's Bookmarks feature, and each Favelet may depend on support for a specific part of the JavaScript specification to work properly. MSIE versions 5.0 and later, and Mozilla 1.0 and later — including browsers using the embedded version of Mozilla, such as Netscape 7.0 — are known to support most Favelets.

Most browsers that have support for basic JavaScript and DOM also support basic Favelets, but more advanced Favelets may require more complete DOM1 and DOM2 support. Netscape 4.x is a lost cause in this regard, and with its poor support for standards in general it is probably better to avoid it altogether.

"Validate This Page"
This is the basic "Validate This Page" Favelet. It simply submits the URL for the currently viewed page to the Validator for processing. Results appear in the same window.
"Validate This Page In New Window"
Like the last Favelet, this also submits the URL of the current page to the Validator for processing, but this version will show the results in a new window.
"Validate Page..."
Puts up a dialog with a text entry field where you can type in the URL of a page you would like to Validate. The results appear in the current window.
"Validate Page In New Window..."
Same as above but shows results in a new window.